Dr Constantine Kiritsis


Entrepreneur, Professional Trainer, Author, Multi-Award-winning training concept developer

Constantine (Dino) is one of the most versatile professionals in business operating as an entrepreneur & consultant in the Business, HR, training & development industry. He is considered a world-class inspirational trainer/presenter having trained and led diverse events for numerous corporations and associations. He has delivered over 18,000 hours of professional training, hosting & presentations in the last 20 years in more than 45 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East mainly to corporate clients. He is also a consultant and International Curriculum Development expert for PwC’s Academy in the CEE and the Middle East. Dino has also done work with PwC’s Global Steering Committee for Private Company Services and has developed curriculum, methodology, and mapping procedure for PwC’s Mini MBA program being offered in the CEE region & the Middle East in more than 10 countries. In 2019, he won the Silver medal from the prestigious Boussias Education Awards for his Mini MBA concept based on a Holistic Process Diagram (Flowchart methodology) and in 2020 the First Prize award (Gold) in the Accountancy Awards for his innovative ACCA SBL Flowchart interactive map.

He is known for his innovative flowcharting training techniques which have been licensed by several organizations and are responsible for many of his conference invitations. ACCA named him one of its “tutor gurus’ in 2018, training trainers globally towards their preparation to teach ACCA’s SBL (Strategic Business Leader) exam, while his SBL flowchart has been used by thousands of candidates globally.
He has published many educational guides (7) and books such as “Are you serious?” (2019) sold on Amazon and iBooks. He is an active speaker on entrepreneurship, innovation, educational, professional training, and business development issues in over 100 events in the past decade.