Christina Bengtsson


Christina is an author, international speaker, and precision shooting World Champion. With her exceptional background, international reach and acclaimed book “The Art of Focus – 10.9” and the successful TEDx talk watched by 1milj people Christina is considered a global thought leader on the topic of focus. 

Modern society is weakened by a lack of focus, and it’s costing us dearly. She has the tools to help us regain command of this crucial ability in both the short and long-term to live a purposeful and balanced life. Spending her professional career exploring focus – an essential skill in today’s society with its intensive demands on performance – and its application to both our professional and personal lives. 

She is trained at the US Army Marksmanship Unit and has been recognized with the Swedish Supreme Commander’s coin two times. She has lectured to audiences worldwide and to major corporations and is a part of the faculty for the Stockholm School of Economics Executive International Program.
The initiative “Reclaim Focus” is an exceptionally useful teaching on one of today’s most important topics to engender sustainable change with high results.